Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rainbow Cow

So here she is...
This lovely white life sized cow was gifted to my children's school as a promotional thingy by the dairy industry - I was SO excited when I saw it, I could hardly contain myself.
There were guidelines set for use - she was to be an educational tool painted by the children to promote an awareness of nutrition & the place of dairy in a healthy diet.
Cool. We decided to go with the origins of our food relating to the seasons.

I was a little worried the control freak in me would not share well with the children, but I was SO pleasantly surprised, they seemed as excited by the whole project as I was they 'respected' the cow - what more could I ask. I worked with a small group of grade 5/6 girls & boys (mostly girls) who listened while I went on about how to use a brush 'properly', not overloading it, not dipping it too deep, how to blend bla bla blaa - they were awesome.

Voila! Three weeks later complete with sparkly ruby red slippers - because of course that's how our dairy cows roll here in Oz.