Friday, April 10, 2009

Central Victoria - Daylesford

Daylesford is a beautiful Goldfields town in Central Victoria, famous firstly for the mineral springs in the area - it has become a great weekend escape for Melbournians. It has many lovely shops, day spas, scenery AND a yummy chocolate shop.

This is Koukla Cafe they make fantastic breakies and coffee, it's next door to Frangos & Frangos.

I absolutely LOVE this picture (above). These images are photo's I took of art work David Bromley did on the wall in a shop he once owned in Daylesford - It is now called The Hunters Mistress and is sparcely furnished with the most beautiful furniture, paintings and treasures.

We gat some tasty spuds from the side of the rod on the way.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Central Victoria - Trentham

After walking St Erth Garden we needed to eat - so off to Trentham to the fantastic Red Beard Bakery for lunch...

The best looking BLT sandwich.

The most delicious veggie focachia I have ever had! They even make their own focachia in the massive wood fired oven out the back.

I love a rope swing in a big tree.

This wall above and below is an awsome example of reuse - repupose - recycle.

This image (below) is taken from the cafes web page - SO beautiful -

Central Victoria - St Earth

Central Victoria is such a gorgeous area, with many treasures only a short drive away. Our children had a sleep over at a friends house SO we took the opportunity to do a little trip arround. First to The Garden of St Erth - so, so pretty. Then to the historic town of Trentham which has become quite a funky little place, we had lunch at a fantastic cafe called Red Beard Bakery where they make all the bread themselves in their wood fired oven (all organic and sourdough). Then off to Daylesford (a more famous) historic goldfields town for a look in the shops.

St Erth Cafe where they serve the organic produce they grow on site.

A very cute and hungry little bird.

The view from above the orchard.

It's nice to see a busy bee every now and then - we see WAY to many european wasps now.

Gorgeous colourful garden near the main cottage.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Melbourne Flower & Garden Show

My eldest daugher and I went to the Melbourne Flower & Garden Show on Sunday. We caught the 8am train to Melbourne, then a tram to the gardens - half the adventure was in getting there.

There were many, many absolutely gorgeous displays.

I was under strict instructions from my son to go to Jason Hodges garden and get a photo of him. His garden was lovely - the entrance was beautiful but the veggie garden he placed down the back was what really wowed me. I love veggie gardens, I think they are SO beautiful the fact that they are edible, healthy and wonderful thing for children to participate in is an absolute bonus. I have plans to put a veggie garden out the front of our house.

We were pleased we went there early - by mid day there were SO many people you could hardly walk along the paths let alone see the displays.

There were many other wonderful sites to see...

Eco Garden Above... and calamari, chippies and choc dipped fresh organic strawberries for lunch Mmmmm

Above are two of the many flower sculptures - these two took my fancy.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

First One

This is my first post - an experiment to see what the process of blog worlds is.